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How does it work?

  • Make more money

    Increase bookings dramatically by using the Picr Messenger and lead capture form.

  • Manage your business

    Track leads & workflows, send invoices & contracts, and manage all clients.

  • Maintain your sanity

    Enjoy the convenience of having your business in one place!


Studio Management on Steroids

Running a business is difficult. Picr simplifies your life and saves you money by connecting the dots in one convenient place.

Get 80% more clients with this tool

The Picr messenger allows you to interact with website visitors in real-time easily capturing their emails and converting to projects.

Streamline your lead tracking

Keep track of all of your leads and opportunities by adding tags, a status, follow-up actions, and automated responses.

Enjoy a fully integrated CRM

New contacts are created automatically and feature powerful tools, allowing you to remarket to your contact list.

Book projects and send invoices

Conveniently send invoices, schedule and process payments, track outstanding balances, and manage each project.

Add contracts to invoices

Stay safe and legally protected by incorporating contract signing into your booking workflow.

Create dynamic automations

Easily automate your follow-up, confirmation, and request emails specifying specific rules and conditions.

Track all projects in one place

Utilize the revolutionary Picr workflow to create, manage, and organize your projects with ease.

Deliver digital images

Easily upload, organize, and deliver client images. You can also add your favorite images to your website portfolio with one click.

Sync your calendars

Integrate personal and work calendars to easily let your clients know when you're available.

Use Picr On-the-Go!

Access your entire business, communicate with leads and clients, book projects and view stats on-the-go.

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Picr is the best modern business tool for creatives looking to grow their business.

Rachel Brenke

Picr is the best solution for all creatives who are looking to grow their business.
This is a real game changer!

Peter Hurley

Speaker, Educator, Headshot Photographer

Questions and Answers

What if I’m not available to reply?

You can easily create a welcome text telling your visitors that you’ll respond within 24hours. This way they will know not to always expect an immediate reply in case you’re not available.

Are there any limits on messages?

Picr does not limit the amount of conversations you can have.

Can I customize my lead form?

Absolutely, you can select from many different question types to create the perfect experience for anyone interested in your services.

What happens when someone fills my form?

You will immediately receive an email with your prospects answers and a mobile notification. Furthermore, a new lead will be created in your Lead Manager for you to remember to followup up promptly.

Is there a minimum commitment?

You can choose a month-to-month plan or a yearly plan with Picr. If you choose a yearly plan you will save up to 30%.

How can I pay?

You can pay for your subscription with any major credit card.