Doing everything is hard.
Expecially when all of your tools are disjointed.

Picr is the most powerful, beautiful, and modern solution available for freelancers looking to simplify and grow their business.


Turn Visitors into Clients

Take advantage of the best available tools for converting website visitors into paying clients.

Chat With Your Visitors

Don't let a single opportunity escape you by handling objections for your website visitors in real-time.

Get More Leads

Lead capture form is organically integrated into your website. Make it easy for your clients to get started with you.

Easily Set Up a Website

Our user-friendly templates allow you to easily create a beautiful website and showcase your work to reach more clients.

Project Management

Easily Book and Track Projects

No need to re-enter data across multiple platforms. All of your transactions and projects are now in one place. Easily book projects, track progress, and ensure that your clients are happy.

  • Process Payments
  • Create Workflows
  • Sign Contracts
  • Set up Automatic Payments

Easy Communication

Interact with Your Clients

Bring all of your client communication into one place. Move beyond email and social media messengers to an experience that is fully integrated into your business.

"Just got a notification on my Apple watch from my picr app. Had a message from a prospect and was able to answer immediately."
Kathleen McAvoy Martin, Photographer

A Personal Messenger

Take advantage of the most intuitive and robust communication tool available. Chat with your online visitors from your desktop or phone never missing a booking opportunity.

Mobile App

Available On-the-go!

All essential Picr features are available on your mobile device! Chat with clients, update calendar availability, track bookings, record payments, and more.

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All Core Features Under One Roof


Website Builder

Easily create a professional website using templates designed to convert web traffic into paying clients.


In App Messenger

Chat with your website visitors in real time, even from your phone on-the-go. Never again miss an opportunity.


Built-in Lead Capture

Organically capture leads via messenger, blog, and a fully customizable lead capture form.


Comprehensive Dashboard

Easily keep track of everything from website visits and leads captured, to projects booked, and dollars earned.


Lead Management Tools

Stay on top of each lead by assigning tags and actions to each lead. Easily convert leads to projects.


Client Relationship Manager

Keep track of all business client relationships taking advantage of remarketing tools to book them again.


Integrated Calendar

Connect your calendar to Google or iCal and allow your clients to select their sessions based on your availability.


Project Booking

Give your clients a consistent experience by letting them book on the same website where they found you.


Payment Processing

Book clients in one place while taking advantage of the low 2.9% processing fee on all Picr transactions.


Payment Schedules

Allow your clients to pay full or part automating the final payment to be charged on a specific date.


Electronic Signatures

Easily send your contracts and have your clients sign them when booking your services.


Secure Transactions

All transactions on Picr utilize the latest encryption technology to ensure that your information is safe.

"But that's not all..."

Keep reading to see what other features are included, unless you're ready to get going right now!


Automated Emails

Automatically remind your clients of scheduled bookings, outstanding balances, and ask them to leave a review.


Smart Workflows

Easily track each project and know exactly what you need to do next with Picr’s flexible workflows.


Project Management

Keep track of every detail from project dates, locations, contacts, transactions, internal notes, shared documents, etc.


Image Management

Enjoy the convenience of having your entire image library in one place. From portfolio and blog to client images.


Client Galleries

Deliver your client’s digitals in a beautiful branded experience allowing them to share and download the images.


Full Client Portal

Your clients can log into your website at anytime and view all of their bookings, messages, and images.


Mobile App

Update projects, record payments, update calendar, chat with web visitors, and send messages. Android coming soon!


Built-in Reviews

Easily import reviews from Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Yellowpages. Review manager gives full control of live reviews.


Blog Coming Soon!

Create and manage a blog by easily selecting and arranging photos from your Picr image library.

What is the Pricing?


Affordable Rate

Get all features for a low starting rate of $25 per month! To view our packages, please visit the Pricing page.

Clipboard Icon

Flat 2.9% Transaction Fee

Take advantage of the lowest transaction rate on the market. Accept credit cards and book more clients while saving money.

people skill

Priceless Experience

Enjoy a platform experience which brings back the joy of photography. Maximize your business potential and enjoy your craft.

Questions and Answers

Are there any other fees?

Apart from the monthly subscription and flat 2.9% credit card transaction fee, there are no other costs associated with using Picr.

Who will process the payments?

All transactions on Picr are processed by Stripe Connect or Braintree and the funds are deposited into your bank account.

Can I use Picr for multiple brands?

Multiple brand and user support is coming to Picr sometime early 2018. Stay tuned for updates.

Do I have to use the Picr website

You are not required to use the website, you can simply integrate the Picr Messenger into your current website.

Do I need my own domain?

Nope. We will set you up on a subdomain when you register for an account and you can transfer to your domain whenever you choose.

Is the mobile app available on Android?

Currently the app is only available on iOS but an Andriod version is in the works and will be released soon.

Are there storage limits for image delivery?

The starting package features 500 GB of storage which can easily be upgraded to 1TB or even unlimited.

Can I customize my brand?

You can easily customize your logo and brand color across your clients entire experience, from website to the client portal.

Can I use the lead capture on my non-Picr site?

Yes. With a simple integration you can chat in real-time with your website visitors and easily capture leads.

Is Picr available outside of US?

Unfortunately, Picr Beta is only available in the US. We are working as hard as we can to include international support. Be sure to signup to the Picr newsletter and blog to find out when we open in your country.

What industries is Picr best for?

Picr is focused on freelancers who offer creative services, such as photo and video, event planning and styling, catering, flower styling, hair and makeup, venue rentals, entertainment and music, tattoo artists, etc.

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