Our Mission

Picr exists to help creative freelancers maximize their business potential and enjoy their craft.

We believe that technology has finally matured to give back to creatives.
~ Arkadiy Dorokhov, CEO & Co-Founder

Every freelancing creative must face the challenges of being an entrepreneur. Apart from excelling at their craft, most of the time and energy is consumed by running and growing a business.

The unfortunate irony, is that the artistic skills required for being a creative are completely different from the skills required to make money with a creative skills.

Our vision and goal is to help talented creatives maximize their profits by educating, organizing and simplifying their business process.

To accomplish this, we have built a powerful business management and growth toolset, enabling creatives to have access to the modern and robust technology all in one place.

The journey of a startup from high-end printing, to a complete business management platfrom.

From the beginning, our team set out to solve relevant challenges in the photography industry. We began by building a high-end printing solution which would provide photographers with an easy way to print their artwork on a canvas worthy of their art. During this process we became acutely familiar with the photographer’s struggle to manage and grow a successful business.

This is when an idea was born to build a marketplace that would revolutionize the way clients search for and book creatives. But in the process of implementing the marketplace, it became clear that we needed to do even more before the marketplace could work. We needed to first build a platform where creatives could manage and grow their business.

This realization led us to a pivot and another year of investing into rebuilding the platform, powerful enough to elevate a freelancing business into a new standard of efficiency. We firmly believe that technology has evolved to place where creatives can now spend less time managing their business and more time on their craft.

While our product is still relatively young, we are committed to excellence in every release. Starting with the code, UX, design and extending to our every interaction, we are eager to make sure that their business and brand thrives.

Our mission is to help freelancing creatives maximize their business potential and enjoy their craft.

We are startup based in New York City, and here’s what you can expect from us.

As a startup, we are building from scratch have been re-invisioning what business management should look like. Picr is built around essential tools revolving around the freelancing creatives business cycle.

We invite all early adopters who love new products and enjoy technology to join the revolution. Help us ensure that Picr is the product you would enjoy using for many years to come. We are eager to hear your feedback and committed to helping your maximize your creative business.

Imagine a platform where you could manage your entire business, imagine how much time you could save, imagine focusing on your craft, growing your business and enjoying the warmth of a like-minded community.

This is our dream and we are committed to building a brand, culture, and product which would propel your freelancing business to new heights.

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